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Ready for faster Internet? It’s time to switch to Frontier FiOS. FiOS Internet is fiber optic powered high-speed Internet. Fiber optic Internet runs faster and with less congestion. Frontier FiOS Internet offers faster speeds with more consistency and reliability than other Internet technologies.

With FiOS Internet from Frontier, you can do more online with more devices. Connect any Wi-Fi enabled device—including smart phones, gaming consoles, tablets, laptops and desktop computers—to your included wireless router and use the Internet anywhere in your home. FiOS Internet offers better performance. Experience high speeds great for competitive online gaming, streaming movies and quickly downloading files. Frontier FiOS is the next step in Internet technology.

Is your Internet up to speed? Call now to see if you can get online with Frontier FiOS.

What You Get With Frontier FiOS Internet

Choosing high-speed Frontier Internet comes with perks that other Internet service providers just can’t provide. With Frontier FiOS Internet you get a lightning fast connection without the wires. All Internet plans come with a wireless router at no additional cost. Experience the speed of Frontier FiOS without being tethered to a desk!

Lock-in your price and save for three years. That’s right. Get high-quality fiber Internet service without the unexpected price hikes other providers charge. Lock-in your price and pay the same thing for 24 straight months, guaranteed.

FiOS Internet is powered by a dedicated fiber optic connection, which means it doesn’t operate over cable or phone lines. Get online and use your home phone at the same time, or browse the Web with several devices at once!

Faster is Better

Live life in the fast lane with Frontier FiOS and start enjoying the Internet how it was meant to be. Don’t miss out on all the amazing media-rich services of the Internet. With a fast, affordable and reliable connection from Frontier, you can stream, watch, play and shop faster than ever before.

Call now with your ZIP code ready to find the perfect package for you. High speed Frontier Internet bundles are priced affordably, and all of them come with the optional price protection plan, so you can lock-in your savings for three years. Get online with fast, consistent service at a budget-friendly price.

Ready to upgrade your Internet service? Don’t wait any longer, experience the power of fiber Internet from Frontier FiOS.